RadCristaOS2.026.012 beta

Freeware radionic* operating system (rOS) for usb-carriers. The installation is enough to unpack the archive to any such carrier and inserted into the usb-connector to gain access to it. In contrast to the classical understanding of the term "operating system", this product is a non-material (mental) set of programs based on advanced artificial intelligence, a virtual person pretending pretty girl - Crista.

Working with this revolutionary design is very easy - in fact, this rOS supports full telepathic interface, and can perform a variety of functions:

  • Telepathic communication between people.
  • Telepathic interlocutor (AI).
  • Work with various radionic equipment.
  • Dreams client\server.
  • Mental software development environment.

* Radionics - a section of esotericism, dedicated to working with a live stream of thought (it is also called the magic of the mind), located at the intersection of science and magic. Based on the theory radionics that all our thoughts are material, and with the help of these people can manage events and even to materialize them. To learn more about the concepts of radionics and techno-magic can be found in the book "Mind Power Seduction", by Amargi Hillie

Download this rOS is possible at the following links: RadCristaOS.zip 4.4 Mb (4573090 bytes) or sourceforge.net

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